Thursday, September 08, 2016

Children from my older books featured in later books and novellas having their own love story.

This list may not be complete....but it's close.

Of Course the Sophie's Daughter's series with Sophie McClellan's three oldest girls.

Lassoed by Marriage novella collection, my book Sweetwater Bride has for the hero the 1st born son of Belle and Silas Harden, Tanner Harden.

AND A Bride Rides Herd contained in The 12 Brides of Summer - releases as a book this June with all 12 of these Brides of Summer novellas in it.

A Bride Rides Herd is the love story of Belle Tanner's fourth daughter Betsy and Matt Reeves the first born son of Daniel and Grace Reeves. Matt is unborn but coming in Calico Canyon and he's a three year old terror in Gingham Mountain

And if you'll recall, in Sharpshooter in Petticoats Mark Reeves marries Emma Harden and Charlie Cooper from Gingham Mountain falls for Belle and Silas Harden's third daughter Sarah. Of course their oldest daughter Lindsay finds love in The Husband Tree.
I think this is all of the old Barbour characters.

I have Big John Conroy in With This Ring? Big John is from the Trouble in Texas series. He rescues Carrie the mentioned by never featured little sister of Audra Kincaid. Audra is the heroine who falls in love with Ethan Kincaid in In Too Deep, book #2 of the Kincaid Brides series.

My newest release No Way Up has Heath Kincaid, the little brother from the Kincaid Brides series as the hero...all grown up of course.