Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ONLY UNI ~ by Camy Tang

Only Uni
By Camy Tang

Only Uni is book two in Camy Tang’s fast pace, funny inspirational chick lit series. Think of it as Bridget Jones goes to Church. Tang is Asian and she writes with that flavor, setting her books in the heart of an American/Asian community in California.
Trish, who mainly caused trouble, though mostly for herself, in the first book, Sushi for One, has her own story. She’s done with her no good boyfriend who bullied her and lured her into trouble, except she’s still drawn to him so strongly that her cousins have to nearly tackle her whenever he comes around.
He claims she’s his muse and he can’t paint without her. Trish privately thinks he can’t paint under any circumstances but her pampered boyfriend with doting parents continues to pursue his dream of art, and he needs Trish to do it.
Grandma of course is meddling at top speed and Trish has always been the good granddaughter, agreeable and sweet…which is how she got in trouble with her boyfriend, too agreeable when she should have been standing up for herself.
Trish is a klutz but she’s also brilliant. Employed at a research lab she’s just been assigned a new partner, Spenser, who can’t quite get used to Trish’s ultra-organized lab techniques and her chaotic office. Spenser’s got problems of his own, and Trish and her old boyfriend right in the middle of them.
The gift Tang has is the way she makes you care about her characters. Chick lit isn’t exactly my thing, though I read and enjoy well done fiction in any genre, but this is easy to love. The story comes so fast it almost runs you down, while the characters are so well drawn you just can’t help getting deeply involved and rooting for poor befuddled Trish. Add to that the humor that laces all the books, plus the rich Asian heritage that makes you smell the food and see the colors and traditions, and Only Uni is a great read.
A couple of double surprise ending moments make the whole thing perfect. You’ll enjoy Only Uni.
Book One in Camy Tang's series is Sushi for One? and the third book is coming soon, Single Sashimi.
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Camy Tang said...

Thanks for the review, Mary!

Mary Connealy said...

Did you know Cam, you can type only uni with one hand. I love words like that. :)
Takes two for the Capitalization, though.

Fedora said...

That's pretty funny, Mary! Cute interview, both of you! (Following Camy's blog tour this month; Mary, I've been over at Petticoats & Pistols, and didn't think to check out your personal blog! Nice!)