Thursday, December 20, 2007

Petticoat Ranch reviewed on The Christian Pulse

------------------------Donald James Parker--------------------------
I got a very nice review from Donald James Parker on The Christian Pulse today. And there will be a drawing for anyone who leaves a comment for an autographed copy of Petticoat Ranch. The title of this blog post is a link to the review so just click and go check it out. There's a lot more on The Christian Pulse. A very interesting site.


Janell said...

Good review for your great book. This man obviously has excellent taste in literature.

Camy Tang said...

Hey Mary! I tagged you!

I've Been Carded meme


cooper said...

Hey Mary,

That guy is good. You should keep him in line for your next book!
So how was Christmas at your house? We did good, in fact, guess what? Dos Ninos!!!! Yup, Lindsey and Chris found out three days before Christmas that they are up-ing the nose count. We got twins coming. Oooooh that really makes it sound serious when I type it! And I am just the grandma!

Later, Karen

Myra Johnson said...

Love that you're getting such great publicity for a great book!

BTW, you've been tagged!

Mary Connealy said...

I don't know exactly what tagged means ladies but I'm treating it like a chain letter and ignoring it.
I hope I don't get like...bad luck or something.

Mary Connealy said...

OH MY GOSH, KAREN!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited for you.
Lindsey's gonna have her hands full. Where is Grandma when she needs help, huh????

Shirley said...

Hi Mary -- Congrats on your new contract and being the top story on page 1 of the Mirror-Sun this week.

I read Petticoat a few months ago.
Great job. And this guy's review was sure nice.

Sue said...

Just finished Golden Days. Thanks for signing it. It is another hit. I have a request for another signed copy for my friend, Donna. She was with me at the Abby when you were there for signing. You can get my address from Janell and I will send you a check.

Danica/Dream said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by on Cheryl's blog tour!

Rebecca Ryan said...

What a wonderful review! I agree with Janell, the man has excellent taste in literature.