Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Signing Saturday

In Beautiful Nebraska City, the home of Arbor Day.
For the Nebraska City Arbor Day Festival
schedule of events
Click Here
Then, on that page, click on

2010 Arbor Day Celebration Schedule of Events

Will be at the Book Clinic-205 S. 8th St, in Nebraska City,
from 10 a.m. until noon.
Plan on making a day of it and explore Nebraska City.
If you'd like a signed book, and can't get to the signing,

Monday, April 26, 2010

How To Get a Signed Book

I will be in the Book Clinic in Nebraska City next Saturday.
If you'd like a signed copy of any of my books
Phone the Book Clinic bookstore
(402) 873-7660
They can take your orders and arrange to ship the signed book to you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Book signing this Saturday, Nebraska City

I will be at
The Book Clinic
Nebraska City
Stephanie Grace Whitson
May 1st
10 a.m - 12 p.m.

The Book Clinic
205 South 8th Street
Nebraska City, NE 68410-2447

Stephanie and I will be there as part of the annual
Arbor Day Festival
Come get a book and spend the weekend touring
Arbor Lodge, home of J Sterling Morton,
the Lied Center
attend the parade and seeing the beautiful
Arbor Day Farm

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another review of Wildflower Bride

I've really been hoping people will read Wade's story
and love him as much as I did.
He's not your usual clueless macho cowboy.
Read Pepper's Review

It's in His Kiss

I'm on Tamera Kraft's Word Sharpener Blog today
Talking about how to create a terrific kissing scene.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Need a Hero

Read more on Pepper Basham's Blog

Funny Headlines

And there are your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen,
so we can answer these age old questions once and for all.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Keystroke smilies-Who knew there were so many?

=):-)= Abraham Lincoln
( <> .. <> ) Alienated
O:-) Angel
0:-) Angel
:-|| Angry, very
(:-& Angry
>:-< Angry
}: [ Angry, frustrated
;-( Angry, or got a black eye
>:-( Annoyed
|-| Asleep
|I Asleep
:C Astonished
8-O Astonished
@== Atomic bomb
~:o Baby
][ Back to back
(::()::) Bandaid, meaning comfort
~== Begins a flame (inflammatory message)
=^D Big grin
|-D Big laugh
?( Black eye
?-( Black eye
!-( Black eye
:-{} Blowing a kiss
: [ Bored, sad
: | Bored, sad
%-6 Brain-dead
~= Candle, with flame indicating inflammatory message
-= Candle snuffed , end a flame message
:*) Clowning
Q:-) College graduate
%-( Confused
:~/ Confused
:~-( Crying
:\' Crying
:,( Crying
:\'( Crying
;( Crying
:.( Crying
:\'-( Crying
:\'-) Crying, tears of happiness
8-# Death
%-) Dazed or silly
:-| :-| Deja vu
]:-> Devil
]:-) Devil, happy
<:> Devilish expression
<:-> Devilish expression
>:-> Devil, very mischievous
>-) Devilish wink
X-( Died
:e Disappointed
12x@>--->--- Dozen roses
:-e Disappointed
<:-| Dunce
<:-( Dunce
<:| Dunce
(:| Egghead
~:-\ Elvis
~:\ Elvis
5:-) Elvis
\_/ Empty glass
~~:-( Especially hot flame message
:-6 Exhausted
}{ Face to face
O+ Female
~~:[ Flame, net
[:| Frankenstein
[:-| Frankenstein
P* French kiss
8-[ Frayed nerves; overwrought
:-( Frown
\~/ Full glass
>-< Furious
>-< Furious
>>:-<< Furious
>- Female
>-< Furious
^ ^ ^ Giggles
|-{ Good grief!
%+{ Got beat up
:+( Got punched in the nose
%\ Hangover
:^D Happy, approval
:{ Having a hard time
d :-o Hats off to you
:X Hear no evil
^5 High five
( 8(|) Homer
{{ }} Hug, e.g. {{name of person being hugged}}
[] Hug
((())) Huggs, lots
() Hugging
(( )):** Hugs and kisses
%-} Humorous or ironic
%-\ Hung over
IOHO In Our Humble Opinion
:-| Indifferent, bored or disgusted
%*} Inebriated
8 Infinity
<:-) Innocently asking dumb question
%-{ Ironic
:* Kiss
:-* Kiss
(:-* Kiss
:x Kiss
* Kiss
=^* Kisses
:-x Kiss, or My lips are sealed
|-<> Kiss, puckered up to kiss
:->< Kiss, puckered up to kiss
+<||-) Knight
/\/\/\ Laughter
:-D Laughing
>:) Little devil
:-9 Lips, licking
= X Lips are sealed
:-? Lips, licking or tongue in cheek
:( ) Loudmouth, talks all the time; or shouting
>:-< Mad
O-> Male
:- Male
>:-) Mischievous devil
$-) Money in mind, won money or thinking about money
+<:-| Monk or nun
:-# My lips are sealed; or someone wearing braces
:/) Not funny
{} No comment
:/i No smoking
:-O Open-mouthed, surprised
:-l One-sided smile
:-j One-sided smile
:-I Pondering, or impartial
+O:-) Pope, The Pope
+:-) Priest
%(|:-) Propeller-head
!-) Proud of black eye
:-k Puzzlement
=:-) Punk, hosehead
(:- Unsmiley
(:-( Unsmiley
[:] Robot
[:|] Robot
@}->-- Rose
@>--->--- Rose, long stemmed
+<:-) Religious leader
7:) Ronald Reagan
7:^) Ronald Reagan
:**: Returning kiss
(:-) Smiley variation
M:-) Salute
*<:-) Santa Claus
*<|:-) Santa Claus, or a clown
*-) Shot to death
:-Y Side comment
:-p~ Smoker
8-o Shocked
: ( Sad
:-V Shouting
|-( Sleepy, struggling to stay awake, or sleeping badly
|( Sleepy (on late night email message)
:-\'| Sniffles
:-] Smiling blockhead; also sarcasm
:-} Smile, mischievous
:-{) Smile with moustache
:-{)} Smile with moustache and beard
:-) smiley Classic
(-: Smile, left-handed, or smiley from the south
B:-) Sunglasses on head
:`-( Shedding a tear
O8-) Starry-eyed angel
= O Surprised
M-) See no evil
M-), :X, :-M See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
O 8-) Starry-eyed angel
|^o Snoring
~ :-( Steaming mad
: ) Smile
:-> Smile of happiness or sarcasm
:-, Smirk
:-@ Screaming
:-d~ smoker, heavy
:-f Sticking out tongue
:-Q~ Smoking
:-r Sticking tongue out
:-M Speak no evil
:-P Sticking out tongue
:-p Sticking tongue out
#:-o Shocked
:~) Sick, from a cold
:-~) Sick, from a cold
:-~| Sick, from a cold
~~~~8} Snake
[:-] Square head
:-o Surprised look, or yawn
:-J Tongue in cheek
-) Tongue in cheek
:-Q Tongue hanging out in disgust, or a smoker
:-Q Tongue hanging out in disgust, or a smoker
2B|^2B To be or not to be
:P tongue,s ticking out
:-& Tongue-tied
:-t Unsmiley
:-[ Unsmiling; also criticism
(:-\ Very sad
:-c Very sad
:-< Very sad
[:-) Wearing a Walkman
:> What?
:@ What?
; ) Wink
; P Wink with a raspberry
\') Winky
\'-) Winky
;-) Winky
;-D Winking and laughing
:-s What?!
#-) Wiped out, partied all night
8 :-) Wizard
8) Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
8-) Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
>-> Winking devil
:-/ Wry face
}-) Wry smile
:-i Wry smile or half-smile
%-| Worked all night
8-] Wow!
-=#:-) Wizard
8-| Wide-eyed surprise
8-P Yuck!
|-O Yawn
>=^ P Yuck

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Funny Headlines


On Seekerville and Petticoats & Pistols today
Read a little bit about Wilflower Bride
Read about one of the early cowboy movie stars
William S. Hart
today on

Friday, April 09, 2010

More Spring Babies

Gathered around the hay feeder.

Look at this one with the cute stripe on her face.
Our calves are mostly black so we love a little excitement!

Here's a close up. :)

Look at this two cuties. They're posing for me.

And this one, well, not POSING so much as staring, waiting for me to ATTACK!

Scary dangerous humans!

We found him all alone. Where is his mama? What can have happened?

Uh...turns out she wandered off to eat grass. Crisis averted.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Seriously stunning-give it a chance

You know this kid can't speak English.

It's all just ... what's the word I'm looking for ... mimicry?

Or maybe phonetic?
Stick with it through a few seconds of whatever language that is.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Healer's Apprentice

This is, no contest, the coolest book trailer I've ever seen.
Melanie Dickerson's

The Healer's Apprentice

Coming this fall from Zondervan Publishing.

Funny Headlines

Monday, April 05, 2010

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Funny Headlines

Why do so many of these headlines include lawyers? Just askin'.