Wednesday, February 27, 2013


On Lena Nelson Dooley's
Christian Writer's World

Welcome back, Mary. Let’s do some fun questions first. What song most closely resembles your life?

Wow, Lena. This is a hard question. I’ve got a book to write you know? The song that comes to mind is READ MORE HERE   Mary Connealy

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Review I love of an older book - Bossy Bridegroom

Vince Mooney
wrote a review of
The Bossy Bridegroom
on his blog
Philosophy of Romance

Mary Connealy

Thursday, February 21, 2013


 I'm just having fun taking pictures of this stinking blizzard
It might qualify as one of those 'if life gives you lemons, make lemonade' moments.
You can see the cows in the distance, if you look HARD!
The cowyard is across the road west from my back door.
We also have cows south of the house by the barn.
My cowboy moves the ones that are closest to giving birth to the barn, then he moves the cows and their calves--once they're doing well and he's sure they're strong and healthy--across the road,
where they hang out with other soon-to-be-but-not-RIGHT-now mamas. 
Closer look at a snow covered cow. They don't seem to mind the cold. 
A shrub on the south side of my house, I thought you could see the snow getting deeper. Also I was too cold to look farther from the house for stuff to take pictures of!

Mary Connealy

Monday, February 18, 2013

I made a great Bestseller List

 Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), tracking sales for the week ending Feb. 9, according to Pubtrack Christian data.
Keep reading down a long, long way and you'll find me. :)

The Top 10 Fiction best-sellers:
1. The Harbinger;
2. Bees in the Butterfly Garden;
3. Abducted;
4. Trauma Plan, “Grace Medical” No. 1, Candace Calvert (Tyndale);
5. The Last Disciple, “The Last Disciple” No. 1, Hank Hanegraaff and Sigmund Brouwer (Tyndale);
6. The Fiddler, “Home to Hickory Hollow” No. 1, Beverly Lewis (Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group);
7. When a Heart Stops, “Deadly Reunion” No. 2, Lynette Eason (Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group);
8. Flame of Resistance, Tracy Groot (Tyndale);
9. Chasing the Sun, “Land of the Lone Star,” No. 1, Tracie Peterson (Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group); 
10. Out of Control, “Kincaid Brides” No. 1, Mary Connealy (Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group).
Mary Connealy

Sunday, February 17, 2013


My mom, Dorothy Moore and Lyle Storm
at the Happy Days Senior Center.
Congratulations MOM!!!!!
(Lyle, too!)
Mary Connealy

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Swept Away is SHIPPING NOW!!!

Swept Away
It's ahead of schedule YAY!!!!!!!!!!
Is Shipping from Amazon!!!
Click to Buy from Amazon
It's Shipping from Christian Book Distributors
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It's Shipping from Barnes and Noble
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Mary Connealy

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today from a nice group of romance novelists, including me.
I'm tip #9
Read More on the Huffington Post
Mary Connealy

Petticoats & Pistols Giveaway of Swept Away

And a Valentine’s History Lesson you’ll never forget
(no matter how hard you try)
The title of my lesson is:


This is Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love and her son, Cupid, the Roman God of Love (Same last name? Who was the father? Already a scandal?)
I did a lot of reading about Cupid…
(translated to English…”that’s four hours of my life I’m never gettin’ back.)
Mary Connealy

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Australian Department of Sarcasm

Australia for tourists and questions about this great Country.....Bless the Australians and their sense of humor.

These were posted on an Australian tourism website, and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a great sense of humour (not to mention a low tolerance threshold for cretins!)

Does it ever get windy in Australia ? I have never seen it rain on TV, how do the plants grow? ( UK). A: We import all plants fully grown, and then just sit around watching them die.

Q: Will I be able to see kangaroos in the street? ( USA)
A: Depends how much you've been drinking.

Q: I want to walk from Perth to Sydney - can I follow the railroad tracks? ( Sweden)A: Sure, it's only three thousand miles. Take lots of water.

Q: Are there any ATMs (cash machines) in Australia ? Can you send me a list of them in Brisbane , Cairns , Townsville and Hervey Bay ? ( UK)
A: What did your last slave die of?

Q: Can you give me some information about hippo racing in Australia ? ( USA)
A: A-Fri-ca is the big triangle shaped continent south of Europe .
Aus-tra-lia is that big island in the middle of the Pacific which does not ...
Oh, forget it. Sure, the hippo racing is every Tuesday night in Kings Cross. Come naked.

Q: Which direction is North in Australia ? ( USA)
A: Face south, and then turn 180 degrees. Contact us when you get here and we'll send the rest of the directions.

Q: Can I bring cutlery into Australia ? ( UK)
A: Why? Just use your fingers like we do.

Q: Can you send me the Vienna Boys' Choir schedule? ( USA)
A: Aus-tri-a is that quaint little country bordering Ger-man-y, which is .
Oh, forget it. Sure, the Vienna Boys Choir plays every Tuesday night in Kings Cross, straight after the hippo races. Come naked.

Q: Can I wear high heels in Australia ? ( UK)
A: You are a British politician, right?

Q: Are there supermarkets in Sydney and is milk available all year round? ( Germany)
A: No, we are a peaceful civilization of vegan hunter/gatherers. Milk is illegal.

Q: Please send a list of all doctors in Australia who can Dispense rattlesnake serum. (USA)
A: Rattlesnakes live in A-meri-ca, which is where YOU come from. All Australian snakes are perfectly harmless, can be safely handled, and make good pets.

Q: I have a question about a famous animal in Australia, but I forget its name. It's a kind of bear and lives in trees. ( USA)
A: It's called a Drop Bear. They are so called because they drop out of gum trees and eat the brains of anyone walking underneath them.

You can scare them off by spraying yourself with human urine before you go out walking.

: I have developed a new product that is the fountain of youth. Can you tell me where I can sell it in Australia ? ( )
A: Anywhere significant numbers of Americans gather.

Do you celebrate Christmas in Australia ? (
France) A: Only at Christmas.

Will I be able to speak English most places I go? ( USA)

A: Yes, but you'll have to learn it first.

Mary Connealy

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I'm on Christian Bookshelf & Giveaway of Swept Away

Stop By
It was a fun interview

Do you have a favorite birthday/party memory you like to share?

I'm from a family with eight kids and no money. We got an angel food cake for our birthday and precious little else. We each got one real birthday party in our growing up years and mine was READ MORE HERE

Mary Connealy