Thursday, February 21, 2013


 I'm just having fun taking pictures of this stinking blizzard
It might qualify as one of those 'if life gives you lemons, make lemonade' moments.
You can see the cows in the distance, if you look HARD!
The cowyard is across the road west from my back door.
We also have cows south of the house by the barn.
My cowboy moves the ones that are closest to giving birth to the barn, then he moves the cows and their calves--once they're doing well and he's sure they're strong and healthy--across the road,
where they hang out with other soon-to-be-but-not-RIGHT-now mamas. 
Closer look at a snow covered cow. They don't seem to mind the cold. 
A shrub on the south side of my house, I thought you could see the snow getting deeper. Also I was too cold to look farther from the house for stuff to take pictures of!

Mary Connealy


Anonymous said...

Mary, I live in a part of the country that rarely gets snow so I like looking at snow pictures. Thanks for taking them. I wish I had a cowboy to go see about the cows. Never mind, I don't have any cows. I'll just read about them.

Mary Connealy said...

Well, Elaine, it'd be okay to have a cowboy, whether you have cows or not. They're handy. :)

Karen said...

How can the cows not be cold. I get shivers just looking at those blizzard pics!

Julie Luek said...

I'm staring out my window at the mountains. The distant peaks are obliterated by a fine and steady falling of snow-- like someone is sprinkling powdered sugar. We need the moisture, so no complaints and in its own way, it is quite beautiful. There. I've been positive. Now. May I please have summer? ;)

Mary Connealy said...

Well, I'd think they'd be cold but they're tough. They're made for the outdoors. Think of polar bears. We had a dog a while back that just LOVED the snow.
He'd lay flat on his belly on the snow and slide down hills, and he's run to the top and do it again.
So animals are tough, right?