Thursday, May 15, 2008

Buffalo Gal

Inspired by the Edit Cafe blog...the title of this post is a link that will take you there...I decided to do something I've been MEANING to do forever.
I drove over to a buffalo herd near me.

Yes, there's a buffalo herd near me.

And took some pictures.
I just love the way buffalo look and I've driven by them a zillion times and stare like crazy because I find them fascinating. But I never pull over and just take a real look.

I'm especially interested in them because I've got a book coming out in October called Buffalo Gal. In fact it might be the other way around. I think my fascination with those buffalo is what inspired the book. I just think they're the coolest, weirdest creatures. The longer you look at them the stranger they look. The way their heads are so huge and their back ends are so slender, completely at odds with their heads.

It's like God was just having a good old time when he created them.

Anyway, today I did it. Pulled over. This herd is just outside Winnebago, Nebraska on the Winnebago Indian Reservation.
Look how close this guy is to the fence. I could have gotten really close to them. Instead I just used the zoom lens.
This fence looked pretty sturdy and there's an inner electric fence,
you can kind of make out the two thin strands of it.
I'm sure the whole time the buffalo was smashing through it he'd be going,
"Ouch, ouch, yowee, yikes, that smarts."
Then he'd be through and CHARGE!
I just kept flashing on a headline in the Omaha World Herald.

Woman gored to death by buffalo
Mary Connealy, while photographing a buffalo walked right up to it and it killed her. Duh! ***

Yes, the World Herald would put DUH in the headline.
You know they would.
How could they resist?
If the buffalo hadn't taken me out,
I'd personally insist they carve DUH on my tombstone.

EVERY PERSON who read that story would think....
"Good riddence, get someone that stupid out of the gene pool."

I WOULD THINK THAT, TOO! I ADMIT IT!!! So I hung back!!!

They might hunt down everyone related to me, just on principle.
***(Disclaimer...the above headline is fake. I am alive. The World Herald has my knowledge mocked a person killed regardless of the stupidity of said dead person's actions)


Ausjenny said...

cool photos. i will get to see some buffalo in Sept when i come back to Canada and the usa for a holiday (actually its for a wedding but i will take time to have a holiday to)

Mary Connealy said...

I'll bet you're got interesting stuff all around you, Jenny, at least interesting to me.


Myra Johnson said...

Mary, I hope your buffalo "gal" is a lot cuter than these big lugs! I agree, though--they're fascinating. Reminds me of the beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Always wondered what possessed them to give him a buffalo head.

Mary Connealy said...

I have one picture, Myra, that has a flowering crab tree in the forground and a buffalo in the back. I thought of naming it Beauty and the Beast.

It wasn't as charming as it sounds though. The buffalo are seriously shaggy.

Ausjenny said...

yes there are Kangaroos on the outskirts of the town. where i babysat they are about 3 miles out of town in the bush and they have Kangaroos visit them.
we have had an echidna in our back yard. Possom in the front. I am told years ago there were kangaroos at the end of our street.
we dont had Koalas here but they are where we have been to church camps and they are loud.
a cross between a motorbike and a lawnmower.
Last year i got so excited when i saw chipmonks for the first time.

"JEANNELLE" said...

Hi, Mary,

I like your buffalo photos! Not something we see in my area. That first one.......what a face!!

Mary Connealy said...

Someone last night told me about an elk herd near me. I might have to go take pictures of that, too.

Darlene Franklin said...

Aren't buffalo interesting! I may have feature a buffalo herd in my next mystery series (if I can figure out how to work it in.) My intrepid prize-winning livestock/beloved pet photographer gets called to photograph a buffalo herd and ... I haven't filled in the blank yet.

Ausjenny said...

Love the new look Mary

CherylStJohn said...

Very cool shots of buffalo. I am impressed. And glad you didn't make headlines.