Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Was there REALLY a sea of buffalo? I mean c'mon!

Buffalo Herds
Petticoats and Pistols
Stories of the vast size of the buffalo herds in the American west have always left me with doubts. Could the herds have been this big?
The talk of buffalo herds miles across, the whole land alive and moving as they migrated, walking along grazing.
Because of that I found some supposedly reliable first person accounts of the size of the massive herds.


Edna said...

I am sure the herds were really big when there were no fences, homes and people to kill them out. I read about the people going west to set up new homesteads and it sounds so nice to be living in that slow paced time. We are in such a hurry now that I can't remember what day it is, it was just last week yesterday wasn't it? I am 66 cut still have that young girl inside me and if it was not for pain I would think the world should stand still. I saw a picture in the paper the other day of a HS class at my school that graduated 2 years before me and there were some really old people there, The names just didn't match up with the hair and the faces, I surly don't look that old. LOL


Jenny said...

Interesting blog.