Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Elle at rest

I try to resist putting picture of my granddaughter on this blog. I mean, at FIRST I didn't try very hard. But lately I've been trying. Until I got this picture and I realized that she is so incredibly beautiful that honestly, it's just not right for me to keep it from you.
And it's not right to wield that kind of power over the world-the power of having this picture and not sharing it. The world is just so much better of a place with this picture up for all to see.
To keep it from you would be wrong of me.
But mostly I have been trying to resist putting pictures of Elle up.
But who could resist this?


Suzan Robertson said...

What a beautiful photo! A beautiful grandbaby. Congrats!

Sue said...

It's ok not to resist. She is a sweetie.

Edna said...

She is so sweet, I love my grandbabies and have them all over my facebook page. They just make your heart beat so hard you are so proud of them, it is like "LOOK WHAT I HAVE DONE" even thought all we did was have the child of our own.


Pepper Basham said...

Oh she's so cute!!