Monday, July 05, 2010

Living Lie Detector Plant

I was just gone a COUPLE OF DAYS!!!
Well, four.
I came home to this.
Let's call it performance art.
Death on the Porch.
Death on the Parch
It hung from my porch, a living lie detector plant.
"Do you keep your plants watered, Ms Connealy?"
The needle goes crazy.
But then I watered it and
At 6 pm I come home to this.
Now why would a plant be so picky, huh?
Is it a plant or is it an inflatable toy?
A water balloon plant, maybe?
Do they have those?
It stand up,

it deflates,

it stand up,
it deflates.
I've been through this cycle several times before.
I think I need a cactus.


tbsomeday said...

that's a pretty cook trick plant

only the hardiest survive here at my house...i'm a terrible plant-tender

Mary Connealy said...

An unforgiving kind of plant. A New Guinea Impatien...maybe IMPATIENT would be a better name.