Thursday, November 04, 2010

Newsletter on Tap

I'm going to do a newsletter here VERY SOON.
I do one for each release but
Lassoed in Texas Trilogy
is a sort of a re-release, well maybe re-packaged is a better word.
I don't know all this fancy publishing lingo!!!
Anyway, keep in mind it's a book containing three books and you might've read them before.
I can't have that on my conscience, so be careful.
And, worst case scenario, you buy a book you've already read...think
So anyway, back to the newsletter.
I've been NOT getting that done.
But I will.
On the fateful day when I get it done, I will give away a signed copy of

Lassoed in Texas Trilogy
to one lucky subscriber.
(Lucky, oh so lucky, I feel a song in my heart as I think of all your LUCK)
So if you're NOT subscribed to my newsletter, check out the left side of this blog and you'll see where to sign up for
Just For Laughs.
Which, honestly, is a kind of an embarrassing name for a newsletter but my caveman-like techno skills make it impossible for me to rename it.
So we're stuck.
Plug your email address in there and you'll get an invitation to subscribe.
Which you will have to respond to.
It's like newsletter fairies are giving you chance after chance to come to your sense.
If you can not be warned way, however...
Here is my promise to you....
I will NEVER sell your information (honestly, I don't know how, so that's the only thing saving you)
And I probably won't ever get the stupid newsletter written, so it's not like I'm going to be flooding your inbox.
This is a very good deal for you.
(I think. Well, not a BAD deal, so that only leaves good...moving on...)

Subscribe today to get your name in the drawing.
And if you're already subscribed, no need to do it again. You're in!

Or you could buy
Lassoed in Texas Trilogy HERE

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