Monday, January 10, 2011

First baby of Spring


This calf is what we call a Simmi Blaze
Or maybe Simmi Angus Blaze
A simmintal/angus cross calf with a white blaze on her face.
My cowboy is particularly partial to this kind of calf.
He says, "I like some chrome on them."

Surprise blizzard baby born at the Connealys.
Mama apparently ... ahem ... was a bit too generous with her affections
during an ... encounter ... so brief only the presence of the calf attests to ... let's call it an 'elopement'.

And here is one finally picture.
I call it Mad Cow.
Look very closely and you'll see she is pawing the straw.
Pawing the straw.
As in bull fighting, el toro, pawing the dirt getting ready to CHARGE.
I'm taking these pictures through an iron gate or you'd have pictures of me RUNNING.
Even extremely tame, gentle cows, which this cow is, have instincts and I don't disregard them.


Ruth Logan Herne said...

Mary, this calf's conception is a lot like Petticoat Ranch: The Book. Stuff happened so quick that NO ONE knew.


I wonder if this is a Nebraska problem or universal to the Midwest?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the information about the black angus ranch "insider information". My husband ran black angus cattle with his dad before he met me. Then he went off to work in the city. Now we are back in the rurals of Missouri and he hopes to buy more acerage to raise those blank angus again. I'm reading the Husband Tree again! Thanks so much for your wonderful blog! LOL My husband read a romance writer's blog for the first time! I guess authors are not all bon-bons and champagne after all!

Lys said...

AW! They are so cute! I love to see new baby calves! We went to get raw milk from a farm, about half an hour away, yesterday and there was a new calf that was SO CUTE!
I wanted to take him home. teehehe