Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Bossy Bridegroom, formerly available in the Heartsong Presents bookclub and then in the 3 in 1 collection called Black Hills Blessing is now available as an ebook ONLY on Amazon for Kindle
and on Christian Book Distributors A downloadable app will go to your PC, Smartphone or Tablet

Michael is a fixer. Michael Davidson knows the demise of his marriage was his fault, and now, as a new Christian, he’s determined to make things right. But when he finds his wife, he discovers she’s given their child up for adoption. And while she has new friends and seems to have made a life for herself, Michael can’t stand the way those people take advantage of her. So he steps in to help Jeanie get it right. Jeanie has spent the last year rebuilding her life. She knows God loves and has forgiven her. She finds herself stronger in that knowledge every day—until Michael arrives and brings with him all the regrets and shame of the past. Will Jeanie ever be able to trust herself or her husband again? Can Michael overcome his hurtful, controlling ways? Only God, the true Fixer of mankind, knows the answers.

Mary Connealy

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Vince said...

Hi Mary:

I just downloaded this book for my Kindle. I hope many more from the publisher are moved over to Kindle. This is the third copy of “The Bossy Bridegroom” I’ve purchased in an attempt to get one with type large enough for me to read. I want extra credit as an ultra ‘verified’ reader. : )