Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's fun when an older book gets some attention-Wildflower Bride

On sale for $2.99 click here

A nice review of

Wildflower Bride



Wildflower Bride is available as a single novel or in the 3 in 1 collection Montana Marriages Trilogy. Which is available for only $5.99 on Christian Book Distributors.
(That's so cheap my feelings are kinda hurt!!!) :(

Mary Connealy


Michelle Gregory said...

i hate seeing distributors charging so little for such good stories. guess it's better than them going back to the publisher.

Jennifer said...

I just wanted to say I loved your book Buffalo Gal! My mom and I read that book and we thought it was funny and very interesting with good suspense!

Anonymous said...

Don't be offended Mary that it is so cheap - :) I am sure lots of people are like me and have bought 7 or 8 copies to share with friends and loved ones. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS - hurry up and get some more out to us - we can't wait to read your stories!!