Monday, December 23, 2013

Childhood Christmas Memories

I'm on Bethany Hour Publishers Fiction blog talking about Childhood Christmas Memories today. But why do we look so SERIOUS in this picture? Yeesh! Poor mom. There aren't a lot of pictures of us as kids and WHO CAN BLAME HER IF THEY CAME OUT LIKE THIS???????
Sorry the picture is all blotchy. I have no computer snazzy skillz to clean it up.


Anonymous said...

You do all look solemn Mary, but it still shows what pretty children you all are. I love it. Maxie

DebH said...

hey there Mary
send that photo to me and i'll clean it up in a jiffy. got the program to do it and the know how.

love the pic. the serious looks are probably from mom and dad repeatedly saying "keep still!!" - well, at least that what my parents were always saying...

Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Deb, thanks so much. I will try and sent it but GUESS WHAT? Computer crash!
So I'm getting things fixed right now.
I have everything backed up so I'll get it all back but in the meantime I have no digital access to that picture.