Monday, October 23, 2006

Techno-genius strikes again!!!!!

I've spent the last oh....DECADE trying to figure out MySpace. So this
weekend my 17-year-old Katy finally took pity on me and showed me how to
invite people to be my friends and how to....
forgive me....
pimp my page.
Where do children come up with these things????
And why do they have the nerve to say them to their mother?????????
Anyway, I invited a bunch of people today, felt kind of....nervy you might
say, like a bad highschool party that you come to and everyone gives you the
"Who invited you?" look. But Katy pep-talked me into it, so I did it.
Then after all the invites went out, I tried to...p@#$ my page and
Forgive me again....
Ended up with a stripper somehow as my background picture.
So of course, on the very day someone might actually ask to be my friend...
Another aside here....
I've got a comment about THIS language, too. Whenever I hit the wrong button
on the Create Profile page it says things like...
You've got NO FRIENDS
You can't post here because you're not anyones friend.
Very cruel and now I'm like.... you know... clinically depressed because I
have no friends.
Anyway...back to whatever I started out to say
short break while I try and remember......
I got rid of the stripper, although honestly I felt like I should witness to
her first, because she pretty obviously needs the Lord, but of course I'm
not her FRIEND.
And now my Myspace page, which is ... oh, I'm not even going to tell you
whats there, it's so....let's say...minimalist. It says nothing but the
title of my book.
And here's the part where I apologize to Camy.
Somehow when you click on the blog link....Camy Tang's blog comes up. I did
NOT do that. I went and READ Camy's blog but I didn't steal it. Or, of
course I DID steal it, but I didn't MEAN to steal it and maybe I linked to
it somehow but I didn't MEAN to. And I'm afraid to do much to fix it because
I'm afraid the stripper will come back.
For now, is okay, now that the
stripper's gone. Plus I've got this great blog...Camy's. Honestly Camy's
blog is better than whatever I was going to write. Which I DID write
something but have no idea where it went. And again, stripper issue so I'm
afraid to hunt too hard.
So Techno-genius strikes again and CAMY?????
If you want your blog back, you're going to have to go wading in the swamp
of my mind.
Take a GPS tracker so when you call for help.....and you will.......the
search and rescue people can find you.


Deborah Raney said...

This had me ROFLOL, Mary! Guess MySpace won't be asking you to endorse them, huh? ; )

Mary Connealy said...

I consider myself very normal Deb. If I can't do it NO ONE CAN. Without doing it wrong one zillion times.

Crystal said...

You are a riot, Mary. A riot in cowboy (cowgirl?) boots. I can't wait to see what you've done in a BOOK!!! (thank goodness you have editors,publishers, publicists...)