Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wording of the Press Release

Glass Road Public Relations, LLC
October 11, 2006
Contact: Jessica Dotta
Mary Connealy Releases Suspenseful Romantic Comedy
(NASHVILLE, TN) Sophie Edwards knows a thing or two about survival. During the Civil War, she ran her Texas ranch single-handedly and managed to raise four daughters. And when her husband was murdered and the ranch stolen from her, she kept her family hidden and alive.

Clay McCellen grew up in the West and has seen few women and even fewer girls. When the search for his long lost brother leads him instead to his brother's widow, Clay takes it upon himself to marry Sophie, restore the family ranch, and provide for his fatherless nieces. What he doesn't realize is that Texas cowgirls don't require much looking after. While Clay tries to adjust to a houseful of teary-eyed females who giggle too much, a gang of desperados learns that Clay's new wife—the sole witness to her first husband's murder—is still in Texas. As Clay tries to convince his new
family to depend on him, the womenfolk get to work booby-trapping the property to catch the bad guys.

“If Katie Elder had daughters, they would surely inhabit Petticoat Ranch!” Kathleen Y’Barbo Author of Brothers of the Outlaw Trail and Louisiana Brides

About the Author: Mary Connealy is an author, journalist and a
teacher. She releases three books with Barbour this year, is a columnist
for the Lyons Mirror-Sun, and an occasional book reviewer for the Sioux City Journal.
She lives on a farm in Nebraska with her husband, Ivan. They have four daughters, Joslyn, Wendy, Shelly and Katy.
Petticoat Ranch
Mary Connealy
ISBN: 978-1-59789-647-4
$9.97, tradepaper
Barbour Publishing
February 2007
Glass Road Public Relations


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary, I cannot wait until the book comes out! Do you have a copy yet? I'm so happy for you!

Mary Connealy said...

Suzan, My publicist said she was putting the ARC in the mail yesterday so I might get it right away if all went as planned. I don't know if it'll be a bound book or a galley or what but it should get here soon.

Anonymous said...

I love that cover!!!