Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Day Giving Romance afraid!

Myra Johnson
Use the link in this blog title to read my advice on romance on Myra Johnson's blog 'Writer at Random'....if you DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


squiresj said...

angels33You are a very beautiful woman. You look like someone who can give advice on romance. After all romance is more than sex as people tend to forget.

Janell said...

Brilliant, Mary. And I wasn't a bit scared.

cooper said...

Mary I forgot to tell you I finished Golden Days! Actually I've forgotten several times to tell you that because I read it right away after Sioux City lunch day. I had a good time there (in the book) but I'll need to read it again. I have that bad problem where I start a book and don't quit until it's finished, yeah, it got a little late that night:)

cooper said...

Hi Mary,
Here I am again! You must be lost in a book, one way or the other? :) I am procrastinating getting ready for my weekend show which could be really painful about Friday morning. Ugh.