Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Seekers

I wrote a blog today about how entering contests was a big part of the equation that led me to publication. Click on the title of this post 'The Seekers' above or go to:


cooper said...

Hi Mary,
I just read about the 'Seekers'. Do you really know all those wonderful people? Wow. Why do I still get amazed sometimes about God's plan for each of us???--I should know better by now!
Later, Karen

Mary Connealy said...

Yes, they're from all over the country and we started talking on line once when we all won or were finalists in the same contest and we just teamed up. Fifteen of us.
We were all unpublished when we started our Seekers group and now we're halfway there. The goal is to be a support group as we pursue publication.
We talk online constantly and we mostly all got together at the Dallas writer's conference in September.