Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let There Be Lite

Go and read about my adventures on MySpace in this months ACFW e-zine Afictionado.
And remember it's all TRUE. In fact I only told you about one TENTH of it.


Michelle Gregory said...

Yikes! I find the whole inviting people to be friends on the various on-line communities to be a little misleading. I mean, we're not really friends with any of these people, but it looks good on your page to have 100 friends (especially if they're someone famous - I think I'm "friends" with Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant on Shoutlife, but they don't know me from Adam). Maybe we even comment on our friends' pages or write on their walls or send them virtual flowers. None of this is to say that they aren't great places to get noticed for book promo, etc., but I have a feeling that a lot of these communities are becoming substitutes for real community.

Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Michelle,
Well, they're not subs for me because I'm so dreadful at dealing with them that I'm not on them much. I use it as kind of a website, with my books up.
But I've done it too much and now can't keep up with any of it, or rather, I have to pick and choose.
I'm on Shoutlife, MySpace, Facebook, myccm, oaktreeidea, plus three blogs...no wait, four.
and a website.
It's out of control.