Friday, August 22, 2008

Of Mice...and Murder

First look at the finalized cover of my first Cozy Mystery
Of Mice. . .And Murder
Coming in November to the Heartsong Presents Mysteries book club.
Released in June 2009 to non-book club members.

It's a Christmas story about mice...and murder. :)

Find out more about Heartsong Presents Mysteries here:

Or pre-order Of Mice. . .And Murder in an anthology called

Nosy in Nebraska

that will include all three of my cozies in this series Amazon:


Ausjenny said...

Oh I hope i get it before christmas. (Im cutting down on blog tour books for cfba to ones I know I really want to read) So i can read more of these books. I tend to read more in summer.

Janell said...

What is the definition of a "cozy" mystery?

Mary Connealy said...

A cozy is a murder mystery where nobody gets hurt.

That's kind of the joke description.

Miss Marple. Jessica Fletcher in Murder she Wrote. Father Murphy. Dr. Sloan (Diagnosis Murder) Nancy Drew is almost one.

Amateur sleuth. Off the page murder. Quirky characters. A list of suspects. Reader is supposed to be given enough clues to solve the crime along with the fictional sleuth, but lots of red herrings, too.

Ausjenny said...

They are really cool books. Janell if you haven't read one yet you wont be disappointed.