Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buffalo Gal

Buffalo Gal releases Oct. 1st

“ When I realized you and your family could be
killed by the buffalo, I was so scared I would
have bet I’d never laugh again.”
Wyatt heard more in her voice than the worry of a rancher for
her neighbor. He heard the same thing he’d heard that morning
two weeks ago when she hadn’t liked finding him with Jeanie.
The same thing he’d heard behind every insult and apology.
There couldn’t be anything between them. . .but there was.
Without making a conscious choice, Wyatt reached for her
and pulled her into his arms. She looked startled, but she let
him drag her over to his side of the truck.
Wyatt, knowing every move was pure stupid, lowered his
Lights in the rearview mirror jerked them apart.
Buffy scooted away from him so quickly, Wyatt thought
she’d been snagged by a lasso and hog-tied to her door.
This isn't the finalized cover, no title included, but it will look very much like this.

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