Monday, October 27, 2008

Single Sashimi

Single Sashimi is book three in Camy Tang’s Sushi Series. Fast paced, funny, romantic chick lit set in an American Asian family. I’ve read all three books and loved them. Single Sashimi is my favorite of them all.
Venus, is the career-minded, of the cousins.. She’s beautiful and hard driving and very successful…until she gets passed over for a promotion…to a job she’s already doing. In the male dominated world of video games, Venus has proved herself an equal to any man, but she can’t quite convince her jerk of a boss that she’s not just another pretty face.
When the promotion doesn’t come through, not only is an incompetent underling given her job, and his now her boss, but the new boss restructures the company so she still has to do his job, and now do her own job, too. Leaving him little to do except collect his hefty paycheck.
Venus gets a job offer that is a huge step down. But she needs to step somewhere before she explodes. But the only offer in town is from Drake, who was her boss once before, and lost her when he asked her to do something disgusting to please a client.
Venus can’t get a break.
Drake swears he’s changed. He vows to give Venus the freedom to run his sister’s start-up company with complete freedom. He apologizes sincerely and often for the mistakes of the past.
And still Venus can hardly look at the man without strangling him.
It only makes it worse that he’s the most attractive man Venus has ever seen.
And then comes Venus’s grandmother. The meddling matchmaker, who has more business connections than any bossy little Asian lady ought to have. And she’ll use them to help Venus get back on her feet, if only Venus will do Grandmother the tiny favor of dating the man Grandmother says she should.
I had so much fun visiting Camy Tang's strong-willed Asian cousins again. I am so hopeful this series isn't over. Single Sashimi is my favorite so far, and I loved the other books. Funny, fast paced, great characters, great plot, great romance.
I loved this book. I love Venus. I'm even starting to like Grandma...a little. A must read.


Avily Jerome said...

I really like your blog so far- you're really funny!
Keep up the good wit!

Camy Tang said...

Thanks for the review, Mary!