Thursday, January 08, 2009

For Love or Money-Seekerville-Thursday

Anyone who comments at Seekerville
all six days
will be entered into a drawing for a
$25.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Thursday Jan 8: Abingdon Press Senior Acquisitions Editor for Fiction, Barbara Scott, is back for an Encore, Encore!!
Friday Jan 9: Myra L. Johnson on the Christian nonfiction market. In addition to her multiple fiction sales in 2008 (Heartsong and Abingdon), Myra is also a nonfiction writer.
Saturday Jan 10: Tina Russo shares on writing romantic fiction for Woman's World Magazine. Keep an eye out for her latest Woman's World story, Letting Go, which is on newsstands RIGHT NOW!! We are starting 2009 with a bang in Seekerville. Anyone who comments all six days will be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card.


Rachel Overton said...

Mary, I just had to tell you how much I loved Petticoat Ranch. My daughter got it for me for Christmas and I hadn't had a chance to sit down and read it, but one night last week, our power went out at about 8 pm. Instead of being a sane person and going to bed early (like my hubbie did), Caitlin and I decided to read by candlelight. Many candles, I might add. :-) So she got one of her Christmas books and I pulled out Petticoat Ranch. Ummmmm....she didn't get much reading done. I kept laughing aloud and reading passages to her. I sent her to bed at 11 (still giggling), and stayed up reading til the power came back on at 1:30. Just enough time to finish the book--how convenient! But I laughed my way through that whole book. The dog even came down at one point to see what was going on!

Thanks for some great fiction. I love your voice--it's so funny. Can't wait to get book three!

Rachel Overton said...

actually, it was Calico Canyon I read last week. Petticoat Ranch, I read awhile ago. And thoroughly enjoyed, too.

Inspire said...

Hi Mary,

The interview with Barbara over at Seekerville was great, and so were the comments. It is good of you and others to mention it, and give us Abingdon authors a bit of a plug.

Rita Gerlach