Friday, April 24, 2009

Black Hills Blessing

I just got the word that I'll have a book releasing next March.
A collection of my three Heartsong Presents novels set in South Dakota.
Black Hills Blessing
These are my short, sweet Contemporary Romances

Buffalo Gal
The Clueless Cowboy

The Bossy Bridegroom

Here are the covers these books came out with in the Heartsong Presents bookclub.
No cover to share yet of
Black Hills Blessing
but I'll let you know when I have one.


Jeannie Campbell said...

hopefully the new book won't come with any weird patches.

Mary Connealy said...

Be afraid Jeannie. one else knows what we're talking about so....there was not .... how to say this .... a possible misplaced... feminine hygiene product? You know they come in neat little packs with stick on qualities.

That occurred to me later???? :(

Jeannie Campbell said...

no...definitely not that. the packaging was clear, least on one side. the other side had paper backing you had to peel off.

if you're not careful, i will take a picture of the dreaded object and send it back to you that way!

JenT said...

I would love to get these three in one book. I didn't realize you had more. I haven't been in the Heartsong club for a few years. Missed out on a lot of good books I know, but I've been busy lately. :) I'll have to look for it next March. Hey that's my birth month. Hmm...that would make a good birthday present. I'll have to write that down.

Myra Johnson said...

Wow, Mary, I didn't realize your books came with such interesting, um, extras.

Rose said...

Hi Mary,

I know I'm a couple of days behind on blog reading but will this book be sold at Wal-Mart? I recently picked up the Prairie Hills three-in-one there.