Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Artificial insemination-and that’s NO BULL

To my surprise I mentioned to some friends (well, FORMER FRIENDS, the wimps) that I came home the other day and there was semen on my front porch.
Their reaction – a cross between horror, amazement and extremely tasteless jokes—made me think this might make a good topic for Petticoats & Pistols. Come find out more...if you're not AFRAID.
Petticoats & Pistols


JenT said...

I looked up "gomer" bull. Very informative. Hey - I learned some new things today. :)

cooper said...

Oh Mary, I am forwarding this one to everybody I know. It's so worth it. I have laugh tears running down my face right now.
Later, Cooper

Mary Connealy said...

JEN T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mary Connealy said...

Karen you're a farm girl. You KNOW I left out all the really crazy stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lacmtmercy said...

Yep, she forwarded it! ROFL!