Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have a calf in my basement

I have a calf in my basement.
I think my car must have given birth.
There's no other explanation.
Straw coating.
A scarecrow calf.
She didn't like it outside when it was 25 below, the big BABY.
Oh, wait, she IS a big baby. Poor little girl. She's doing fine.


Winter said...

This brought back memories. I remember when I was younger my dad would bring in orphan calves who were born too early into the basement. We girls got to bottle feed them. It was so cool!

Vince said...

Hi Mary:

Is this for real? I can never tell if you are serious. You’re tweets pull me over all the time because they are so interesting. I grew up on a farm, at least for five years, and I had the best life. My father rented the farm house, so I never had any farm duties like my friends. That’s a perfect situation for a kid.


Mary Connealy said...

It's for real. My husband's a rancher. This calf is born a little early for the spring calfing...YOU THINK???
I have a picture of him buried in straw except for his head...but you looked like something out of the Godfather.
Kinda all.....Make him an offer he can't refuse....

Pam Hillman said...

Mary, we had an orphaned calf in the garage over the weekend. Poor tyke didn't make it. He'd been out in the cold too long.

How's The Godfather doing?

Mary Connealy said...

We should name HER the Godfather. I'll suggest it.
She's fine, out with Mama and thriving. At first she wouldn't nurse. Her mama is a first calf heifer and she wandered off and left her baby in the sub-zero weather saw those pictures, add in 25 degrees BELOW zero...we snatched the baby and put her in the barn. She's a purebred angus and a very beautiful little girl. We kept her in overnight, then put her back with her mama who acted frightened by her. So my husband would put the mama in a stall and get the baby to eat, then the mama would go off one way, the baby another. this went on for a few days and finally the mama started to 'get it' that the baby had something to do with her.

In fact what really happened was the baby figured it out and the mama didn't run away or kick the baby so now the baby is in charge of tracking the mama down and taking her food.

So, all is well.

unless you're my husband who spent hours in the sub-zero weather wrestling with a recalcitant calf and a moronic mother....

But skin grafts have helped to restore his frozen skin so we can move on.

Missy Tippens said...

ROFL!!! I'm still dying laughing over your car giving birth.

And over the skin grafts.

And the Godfather comment.

Mary, you are just born to make me laugh. :)


Janet Dean said...

Happy the mom finally got it, Mary!