Thursday, July 12, 2012

But Chainsaws make such a MESS!

Chainsaws make a big old mess of SAW DUST. This isn't The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.....yet.

My cowboy said he'll take the last bunkbed out of the house and we can get one more queen sized bed.

I've been putting off asking until he was rested. I've been putting it off for SIX YEARS.

I've hesitated to ask not because of buying the new bed. It's taking out the old bunkbed. He's going to have to rip it apart because it won't fit through the door.

And, I know this because........when I bought it.....20 years ago....My Cowboy assembled it in our much larger dining room (there is no dining in this room, that is a poorly chosen term) right outside the bedroom then IT WOULDN'T FIT THROUGH THE DOOR AND HE HAD TO DIS-ASSEMBLE IT AND RE-ASSEMBLE IT IN THE BEDROOM.

There was.......(searching for the right word here) acute unhappiness involved in that moment.

He vowed if I ever wanted it out he'd take the thing out with a chain saw. Part of the reason I've hesitated to mention it to him, though our bunk bed days are long over.

Chainsaws make such a MESS.

I'm thinking of it as the Nebraska Chainsaw Massacre.

This bunk bed is just built like some sort of ... Hoover Dam project or something, all thick wood and bolts, no handy joints that snap together and apart.
Rock solid, though. So sturdy it'll probably survive (provided it avoids a confrontation with a chainsaw) like the Roman Colliseum.
If you look at the picture (and ignore the dust for heaven's sake) you can see the bolt holes. This is HEAVY construction.
And yet the bed was really cheap. Probably because when I bought it, I was looking at the floor model. Then they loaded a stack of two by fours and bolts into my pick-up.
Some assembly required!

Well, last night I finally asked for the bed to be banished. My Cowboy said he'd tackle the project. (although his true response was someone less perky sounding than this) He didn't mention his chainsaw and I didn't remind him but I sensed he remembered.

If anyone wants a bunk bed I've got (some disassembly and re-assembly required)
But you've got to move fast. He'll probably get right on it. I suspect you've only got SIX YEARS to get the thing out of here.

In the meantime, if I knew where it was, I'd hide the chainsaw.

Mary Connealy


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh that's funny! Sounds like the bunk bed would have been a great tornado shelter. If he uses a chainsaw, will you turn the bed into firewood?!

Linda said...

Get out the shop vac!

Hubby and I had a couch once. When we moved to an old farmhouse it wouldn't fit through the door. While I was taking care of the six month old and not watching, they cut off the legs of the couch. It sat on small cement blocks for the next 15 years. You couldn't see them and it worked fine. I just thought it was hilarious that they were being so sneaky about it cuz they thought I would have a cow.

Anonymous said...

I really like this post. You'll have to let us know how and when things happen with the bunkbed.

We are in the bunk bed stage at our house. Girls have one, boys have one and I'm still not sure what we'll do when baby outgrows the toddler bed. I don't think we can get a regular bed in the room to have all 3 boys in there. It will be interesting.

God Bless,
Kim in NC

Jan Drexler said...

That bed looks exactly like the bunk bed we have...and finally replaced. We moved it three times - each time unassembling and reassembling until now the holes the bolts go in are stripped.

No, it wasn't fun.

I'd use the chainsaw in a minute.

Anonymous said...

At least it's only been six years. I grew up a carpenter's daughter, and that meant that your house wasn't completely finished until it was time to sell, move and build another one! But we actually enjoyed the sawdust! While other girls in the neighborhood made mudpies, my sisters and I were the only ones on the street to have "coconut cakes" adorned with "sawdust coconut"!

Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Conneally!
Love your books!

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Put it on Craiglist... free for the taking...and disassembly... and HID THE GAS CANS!!!

Sophie Dawson said...

This begs the question: Why did he build it outside the bedroom in the first place?