Sunday, March 10, 2013

They're naming blizzards now, right?

They're naming blizzards now, right? Like they name Hurricanes?
Well, yesterday we had a calf with a daddy named blizzard, it was 50 degrees and mostly sunny.

Today we have a blizzard, I propose we name it CALF
Calf named Blizzard
Blizzard named Calf.
There is a nice rhythm to that.
Church is cancelled.
Long snow day ahead. Of course I'm running late because I didn't roll out of bed at the correct Daylight Saving's Time time.
Mary Connealy

1 comment:

Vince said...

“Calf named Blizzard
Blizzard named Calf”

That’s a little too generic
at least by half!

Now if the calf
was named Wizard
and caused the blizzard
I just might believe
you’re not trying
to deceive
but until then
it sounds
like a snow job
to me. ☺☺☺