Thursday, March 05, 2009

Are We Cute or WHAT?????

This was taken about...1960...five of us were born by then...there would be EIGHT before mom and dad were done.

L - R Lois-the-adorable-baby (who had this picture and gave it to me),

Don First Born Son, long after they'd have given up, I'm sure.

Me-they called me Mary Alice back then, why would they do a thing like that? With all those kids you'd think they'd have used the shortest possible names?

Nila who is fourteen months older than me

Ruth who is 13 months older than Nila

You want to bet Mom had THREE KIDS IN DIAPERS??? How could she not have?

Fortunately she's suffering from hysterical amnesia.

Our ages? 6, 5, 4, 2, 0. Just think about that for a while. My parents were busy, busy people.

Ruth is the oldest though Nila looks taller here, I think Ruth was just slumped over, probably because she'd just heard Mom was expecting another baby.

My brother Don and I are the farthest apart in age of the eight of us.

Two years and five months separate us.

Here's the whole family, in 1968. Parents in the back, second row Ruth 14, Nila 13, Me 12, Don 10, Lois 8, Front Row Jackson 3 1/2, Linda 5, Dwight 6 1/2.

Ruth, Nila and I were known as 'The Big Girls'. I'm not sure the other factions of the family had a name. Maybe 'the boys' but I can't remember.
Still, it stands to reason they'd name chunks of us.

But then, here I am fretting about the time spent saying Mary Alice, when in truth they cut names out altogether and just said, "The Big Girls."


CherryBlossomMJ said...

My mom was one of five, the second oldest of 3 girls and two boys, the birth years were from 42 to 54, I think. My dad was the second oldest of four, he was the only boy (one boy per generation for more than 5 generations - tell my bro he needs a boy - he's stopping at two girls). I'm the baby of four, 3 girls, one boy.

I'm pregnant and we haven't a clue how many we'll have, we're just getting started. My sister on the other hand has a head start. My sister is pregnant two, which down plays my pregnancy a bit, but it is my first and for her it's "another baby". She is due in April with baby #5 a girl. Her kids ages are 7,5,3, will be 2 in April and due in April.

When my mom has all the grandkids together it's 8,7,6,5,3, will be 2, due in April, and due in August. MY kid will be lucky kid #8.

Oh, and my sister is not done yet... she's a navy wife, and he is often out to sea. I think she would have a firm appreciation of your parents. :)

CherryBlossomMJ said...

Excuse my bad grammar. My sister is pregnant *too*.

Mary Connealy said...

Cherry Blossom, sounds like a great family...a little small though. :)

Sue said...

Mary Alice, Do you know that the only reason we have middle names is so we know when our mom's are really mad at us? Were you naughty when you were little?

Mary Connealy said...

I was an angel. And when my mom was mad at us, we had no doubt, ever!

CherylStJohn said...

I have a friend named Mary Alice.

Loved the pics!