Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Week in Amish Country

This is Vesta and Eli Hochstetler from The Gospel Book Store in Berlin, Ohio, in the heart of Amish Country. They hosted the table I sat at, at the P Graham Dunn Spring Fair this last week.

Such nice people and they've been at this a long time. They really know the world of Christian fiction. I learned so much just talking with them.

This is Lee Ann Miller who, with her husband, owns the Miller Haus Bed & Breakfast where I stayed. Lee Ann made everything more fun just by showing up. Her website calls her an incurable extrovert and that fits well. She's got a TV show called Amish Country Living and you can sign up for her newsletter full of interesting facts about her part of the world, and great recipes, HERE.

The Miller Haus was an absolutely beautiful place and such nice people there. Dan and Amy took care of everything and the other guests were so fun to meet. I'd never stayed at a bed & breakfast before. Having breakfast with the other people staying there was such a friendly time. It is surrounded by Amish Country in Walnut Creek, Ohio. I loved it and if you want a quiet, fascinating trip, check out the Miller Haus and all the fun to be had around there.

And here I am at P Graham Dunn signing books. There was a special show for Book Store owners early in the week. Then on Friday and Saturday it was a party for the community. Pony rides, free popcorn, peanuts, cookies and drinks. A rocking horse and face painting and lots of booths like mine besides the beautiful things to be found at P Graham Dunn. If you're in a Christian bookstore, look around at all the beautiful things on the walls. Pictures, carved wood, figurines and toys, many of them are made by this company in Ohio.

Here's a picture of me (in a cowboy hat standing in the center) looking down from the magnificent curved staircase onto the lobby.


Juju at Tales of said...

How cool! What a lovely place. I love the pictures. Thank you for sharing.

tbsomeday said...

sounds like a great time!

Mary Connealy said...

If you click on the pictures they get larger. The bottom one you might want to do that in order to pick me out in the crowd.

Or just take my word for it that I'm in there.