Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Flood of '11--Mark My Word

They'll be talking about it for ever
This is the sign in Beck Park in Decatur NE on May 29th
This sign does NOT stand in water. It's close but definitely on dry land.

This is the sign in Beck Park on May 31st.
I've lived near Decatur for 34 years and we like to play on the river.
We've NEVER seen it like this.

Then I went and took more pictures today.
This is the same sign on June 9th


wfnren said...

I'm from South Sioux City, NE and my sister still lives there. My Mother's house and my sisters house are in danger of being lost, if the 1st of the 2 levee's don't hold. My step-father's family was from the Decatur area originally, Ted Mayberry, his parents were Bill and Marie Mayberry. I've been watching the pictures daily on Face Book and appreciate you posting this picture. By the way, I love reading your books too!!!!

Wendy Newcomb now in St. Cloud, FL

Marji Laine said...

My mouth just fell open. I had no idea that part of the country was dealing with the flooding, too. Is the worst of it over? (I hope!)

Mary Connealy said...

WENDY??? My husband farms a piece of land he calls Mayberry's.
It's probably at least family.

I think the sign will be gone by tomorrow. Underwater. I put more pictures up on Facebook but I don't know if someone who doesn't know Decatur can appreciate the craziness.

Faye said...

This must be one of the rainiest years in a long time! We're dealing with some flooding too, up above and a little over from your lovely state.

Jan Drexler said...

I drove through that area on I-29 last week, going south on Wednesday and then north on Friday. I could tell a difference even between those two days.

Many, many people are being affected by this flooding - not only from the rivers rising, but also the water table rising, causing flooding in basements, etc.

Mary, you're high and dry on your bluff, right?

Anonymous said...

Mary, I'm Lynne Rogers. Thank you for posting pictures of Decatur! I Live Not too far from the Morman Bridge and it's just awful off 680 and 29! Please post any pictures of the town you can!! Growing up in the area it's nice someone put up pitures for those of us who moved away!