Friday, June 17, 2011

Missouri Flood as of June 12th

That is a week ago almost. It keeps getting worse.
I left these pictures really high pixel so you should be able to click on them
and they'll get large so you can see details.
As if anyone want to see details!!!!
 Scroll down or click HERE to see the flooding pictures I posted on June 9th.
 The picture below is of an RV parking lot.
The things sticking out of the water are hydrants and electrical posts for RVs.
This is usually full on a summer weekend.


Faye said...

Oh my! The water keeps getting higher and higher and higher...And it's the middle of June!

Mary Connealy said...

They say it's crested....unless there is heavy rain.
We'll see. The talk is maybe four months for the flood waters to subside.

Karen said...

Goodness, that is crazy! It's been some wild weather this year. Hope the water doesn't get higher.