Wednesday, September 07, 2011

TEN PLAGUES-By Mary Nealy (that's me!)

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Ten Plagues
coming October 1st to bookstores near you.
Available now for preorder on

About Ten Plagues

A demon possessed serial killer acts out the Ten Plagues of Egypt on the city of Chicago.
An inner city mission paster draws the attention of a madman and becomes the focus of his rage.

A lady cop with the spiritual gift of discerning spirits gets the case and is confronted with an evil unlike any she's ever known.

The pastor and the cop race to stop a murderer,

knowing that the plague of the first born and the plague of darkness are being saved just for them.


Gina Hott said...

ohh!! I WANT IT!!! YIPPEEE!!! I love when my favorite authors cross the line!!!
I'm going shopping!

Suzanne Osborn said...

Can't wait to see the published version. Never thought they'd let you stray from romantic comedy.... Still treasure the copy you sent me years ago!

kalea_kane said...

Oh I am ridiculously excited!