Thursday, January 24, 2013


Yeah, I know, it's January 24th, shut up
"Where is your baby, little mama," I asked. (I really did ask)
 The camera lights up this little room but it's DARK.
You can see the wood on both sides of the calf, she's hiding in a little store room beside her mama.
 I had to do some bending and climbing, there's a gate between me and them, but I managed it.
And then, just when I thought things were going well,
and I have visions of being artistic and tricking the cows into posing
the mama told me to take a hike and leave her alone.
So I did.
Mary Connealy


Cathy Weber said...

What a cutie!!

Anne Payne said... cute. I love it when my neighbor's cows start calving in the spring. The little ones are so cute running around in the pasture, which is about 30 ft from our front porch.