Monday, January 28, 2013

Remember Gorilla's in the Mist

This is My Cowboy in the Mist
Or below here we could call it Cows in the Mist,

We could call this one, below, Cows Retreating into the Mist, or better yet we could call it, "Hey, stop bothering the cows, you're running them off with the camera flash and I have to lock them in the barn." (because that's what My Cowboy said to me to put an end to this lovely bout of photography)

Unfortunately, before I quit, I got to add, (below) Demon Possessed Calf in the Mist.
I just hate when that happens to the little ones!

Except it turns out that Full Grown Demon Possessed Cows in the Mist are even spookier, just because...if I'm going to get charged by a demonic cow, I'd just as soon it be small.

And did you know that that circular ORB on the left side of this picture is considered by many in the Paranormal Community to be a ghost? That's how they show up on film!!! I'm not kidding. I think, in this case though, it's just me and my fat thumb leaving a smear on the camera lens.
 (which is a relief, really)
Did I mention it was a foggy day?

Mary Connealy


Vince said...

Hi Mary:

Do you know that in over 100 Louis L’Amour books I’ve read, I don’t remember there ever being a fog or mist when driving a herd. It would seem to me that a fog would add some interesting comflict. Vince

Mary Connealy said...

I had some fog in Deep Trouble, the Grand Canyon story. Fog descended on the canyon while they hiked through it.

But really, fog is under utilized. A tantilizing possibility, Vince!!!