Thursday, December 11, 2008

Burt County Museum

Burt County Museum Christmas Tour
Here's some info I swiped from their website.
The E.C. Houston House is the home of the Burt County Museum. Listed on the National and State Registry of Historic places, this 1904 fourteen room home incorporates Neo-Classical Revival details in its porches, door and window openings, leaded glass windows and cornices. Adding to the beautiful woodwork and grand stature are artifacts that have been gathered from the Burt County area. Among the many relics you will find are an early 1700's painting of the Last Supper, Civil War memorabilia, and a sodbusting plow.
The lower level displays many of the professional tools and farming equipment used in the area long ago. The third floor ballroom allows the visitors a first hand view of the social atmosphere of the early 1900's time period.
Christmas Stockings on the beautiful stairway

A table set with such a flair. Look closely at this and the picture below. Raffia, sprigs of berries, a cinnamon stick. The china is decorated with pine cones and holly berries.

The water glasses have evergreen and forks with wooden handles. Everything is natural beauty. Some of it FAKE natural beauty, maybe, but still........ the pine cones in the bowl. The wicker place mat. All just beautiful.

Antique toys

This clock has the right dates on it.
This could have been in a house of my characters in my 1880's era westerns.

The floors are refinished and absolutely spectacular.
Gloria Breckenridge, a friend who is involved with the museum, gave me a private tour with lots of behind the scenes info.

The museum is decorated for Christmas

There's a whole story surrounding the Folson Park foot bridge.
Relocated to its present location in 1997, this area landmark adds a historic transition between the Houston brothers homes. Also in this area a visitor will be able to enjoy the goldfish pond, tumbling waterfall, and a wide variety of plants and shrubbery.
The bridge was in Tekamah for years, then it was moved elsewhere, Oklahoma I think, then someone found it and brought it back to Tekamah.

A wedding dress
And a beautiful black dress
Find out more about the Burt County Museum here.

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