Thursday, December 18, 2008

Connealy Crunch-Candy Recipe

This is the fastest, yummiest, easiest, hugest Christmas Candy recipe on earth

Connealy Crunch
2 pound package white Almond Bark (melted)
Melt in microwave 1 ½ minutes. Stir. Melt 1 ½ minutes. That should be enough. You might need slightly longer. Almond bark doesn’t lose its shape when it melts so you have to stir it to see if its enough. Add:
3 C. Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal
3 C. miniature marshmallows
3 C. Rice Krispies
3 C. mixed nuts
Spread out on waxed paper. Let cool. Break into bite sized pieces.


CherylStJohn said...

Okay. But where's the CHOCOLATE????

Catherine Terry said...

Sounds yummy, and it has the ingredient I like's EASY!