Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Niece Anna Invited Me to Her School

On November 19 sixth grade was lucky enough to have a guest speaker. I call that guest speaker my Aunt Mary. She has at least seven books out. One of them is called Buffalo Gal and she just so happens to have put my name in it. Sorry I forgot to mention that she is an author. She grew up in Lyons, Nebraska and now lives in Decatur, Nebraska both towns are very small. She has four daughters. Two of her daughters are married and one of the two is going to have a baby. She is married to a man named Ivan I call him Uncle Ivan. She is one of eight kids, five girls and three boys. My Aunt Mary's books can be found at: Barns and Nobles, Borders, and Walmart. Oh yes of course My Aunt the guest speaker came on my birthday November 19, 2008.

Anna Crinklaw 6B


Ausjenny said...

Oh thats so cool and a nice report by Anna.

Rebecca Ryan said...

I have family in Lyons. Did you know the O'Mara family? It's such a small world.

Great seeing you at the Christmas Party this weekend.

Mary Connealy said...

Rebecca??? Molly O'Mara is one of my daughter Katy's best friends.

How are you related?

Mary Connealy said...

And the O'Mara's live across the backyard from my mom.
Liam lives there, in that house, now. I think.