Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Christmas with a cowboy twist

One of the great things about America is the melting pot.

Polish traditions, Irish traditions, Italian traditions, Native American traditions, Mexican traditions, South African traditions, all work there way into our country, blend, change, grow, mix together. In the end, the best thing about America is that we get the pick of the best things in the world, put our own spin on them and make them uniquely American.

Is there any other explanation for Mexican Pizza?
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Amy Tate said...

Thank you, Miss Mary! I left a comment on the other site.

Connie said...

Hi, Mary, loved the blog! you just tickle my funny bone. Luvnhugs!

Edna said...

Oh Mary I love the book Montonta Rose started reading it last night and read until 1am and was about half way through, I really hated to lay it down but my eyes would not stay open any longer. I really really like it, and it did start out like Jannette Oke's books I own all of her books and love thay type of story.
May God Bless