Wednesday, August 12, 2009

(Cowboy) Christmas in August on Petticoats & Pistols

I’d do a give away except I don’t have the books yet. I’ll be back in two weeks and do one then.
What I wanted to do in a Christmas book.
Here’s how I see a perfect Christmas story. It needs to have what I think of as a ‘Linus Moment’
Remember, “It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown.” Poor Charlie Brown, the commercialization of Christmas, the uber decorated dog house, the pitiful little tree. And then, when Charlie Brown is at the end of his rope (as always) Linus comes out and we have that moment.
That wonderful moment when Linus tells Charlie Brown the real meaning of Christmas.
All great Christmas stories have that moment.
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Mary Connealy said...

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redhead.kate said...

I love the part where Linus tells everyone that they have it all wrong...and then sets them straight. Yeah, every book needs that.