Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lyn Messersmith on Branding Day

Third-generation Nebraskan rancher, writer, and poet Lyn Messersmith shares her world through luminous prose and poetry.
Lyn is holding a drawing for a copy of one copy My Sister Mariah and one copy of Ground Tied, which are excerpted in this post.

Greetings, from the Nebraska Sandhills. Mary has coaxed her hermit friend out of hibernation by challenging me to describe branding day.

I’m fascinated by fiction writers, but creative non-fiction and poetry are my long suits. My Sister Mariah is a book of daily readings that highlights how relationship with land enhances spirituality. Ground Tied and Downwind from the Smoke contain poetry about life in the not so Wild West.

As a third generation rancher, I’ve experienced many changes in our lifestyle, but dragging calves to the fire is one tradition that remains.
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The brand goes on and yes of course it hurts.

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Edna said...

Oh that looks like hard work, don't think I would like to be around when cattle are branded.
please enclude me in your drawing for a free book
May God bless