Monday, April 11, 2011

The Cows are Out

 I went down to the barn to see if I could take cute pictures of some spanking new baby calves.
Uh, are you guys supposed to be in here?
I mean I don't really run this place, that's My Cowboy's job, but I think this room, where we store the hay, is not the room where we also store a big old crowd of cattle.

 I opened the door that leads to the room where we store hay.
Considered my options a while, then shooed them toward the suspiciously open door--all while taking pictures and apologizing if I didn't understand that a new rule was in force and they could now be in here.
They seemed really happy in there and didn't leave without some fussing.
But one one by one they left.
And then there was this guy.
I do NOT use the word 'guy' unadvisedly.
The bull.
 I have been trained to fear bulls. Since on occasion they kill you. Even though ours are so far peaceloving. But are they peaceloving on a soul deep level? Or have they just been in a good mood so for as long as no one shoos them out of a room full of FOOD.
Hmmmmmmm....this is taken with some zoom. I made an executive decision to let him win the stare down. I just phoned My Cowboy and turned him in...the bull not the cowboy. That's right! He is busted!...the bull not the cowboy.
HAH! Give me the hairy eyeball will you? WHERE'S MY CELL PHONE.
(that's part of the code of the west, right?)


Alexis said...

Wow, that last picture! You. almost. DIED.

And I live in Kentucky and grew up around cows. I know an unhappy bull face when I see one.

Were you wearing red by any chance? ;)

Denise Hunter said...

Love it! We wives of cowboys do need to help out once in a while. Good job! What did those old west wives do without cell phones?

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

Yikes that bull is scaring me LOL!

Faye said...

Glad you were able to ge them out of there! I remember many a night, waking up and herding herding cattle out of where they weren't supposed to be (like the road) and putting them back, with them protesting all the way home. Cattle.
Glad you survived. Especially with the pictures!