Saturday, April 02, 2011

Family Ties

I've mentioned before that we have mostly black cows.
Pure black.
But once in a while we get something else.
So, while we want black cows and breed for black cows and earn MORE for black cows...I can't help enjoying an occasional NOT black cow. We were out checking cows and I spotted this little girl.
She saw us seeing her and was immediately suspicious of our motives.
And of course who wouldn't be?
We both, my cowboy and I, have a sneaky way about us.
Any discerning animal is bound to be wary.
We wouldn't respect them if they weren't now would we,
it's just good sense on the part of any self respecting cow.
Of which we have many

So once the little calf with the pretty white face sees the shifty invaders
she immediately  heads for Mama! 

 And what do you know.
Mama has a white face, too.
They were such a pretty pair.

And the calf, knowing as all good Americans do, that food solves everything, and most especially fear...
 Heads for a reassuring nip.


Karen Lange said...

I like that. Food solves everything. :) I know that a Starbuck's green tea frappuccino works wonders for me! Love the pictures!

Faye Rhys said...


Mary Connealy said...

I felt like I should put up pictures of black cows. A HUNDRED black cows, to prove we've got mostly black cows.

EXCEPT, I could just put up one hundred pictures of the SAME black cow because they all look alike. So still you couldn't really believe it, if you chose not to.

You just have to take my word for it.