Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson dead at 50

Michael Jackson died today. He's just a few years younger than I am. I'm listening to the television go on and on about all the awards he won, all the albums, all the sales, and all the oddities in his later years.

Look how little he is in that picture above, already part of a musical act. Can he possibly be five years old in this picture?

It's not important how I feel about this. No one ought to care what I think. But look at him in that picture above. He's a beautiful child. And I've been watching the video of him singing when he's just a little boy, then later doing the moonwalk and the way he'd spin. Singing of course, but creating too.

You can tell from this album that he's had some surgery already. His nose is thinner but he's still an extremely good looking guy. Through all the madness with the charges of abuse of children, through the strange acquisition of his children, the rumors that the mother of those children more or less sold them to him. Through the Neverland Ranch and the exotic animals and the financial garbage we'd hear...maybe true, maybe not. I mostly just viewed him as the oddest of the oddball Hollywood types.

But when he was going through that last trial about abusing that little boy, yes, I was sickened. Whether it was true or not, I was disgusted that he didn't grow up and figure out he shouldn't be having slumber parties with little boys.

I mostly believed that something bad probably was going on. A sane man would have stopped if he could. The price for continuing it was too high. Which leaves us with a man who couldn't.

But when I'd see him looking so awful, coming to court with pajama pants on, white skin, why is his skin white? Sometimes I'd remember that beautiful little boy. That amazingly talented young man. In ruins. And it made me sad.

What happens to a boy that he wants to cut his face off?

Michael Jackson died today.


Myra Johnson said...

You said it all, Mary. It just breaks my heart every time I learn of a major celebrity who died too young and obviously because of a messed-up life. Especially grown-up child stars. I have to wonder who's most to blame--themselves, their families, their "friends," the adoring public? It's just very, very sad and says nothing good about how we treat the people we put on these pedestals.

Patti Lacy said...

How ironic (or maybe not) that both Michael and Farrah died on the same day.

Oh, how people gobbled them up in about every gluttonous way possible, then spit them out. My heart aches for the child in each of them, and I pray that they found peace with our Savior as the curtain fell on their lives.

Thanks, Mary, for a poignant post.

Jessica said...

That's heartbreaking. I've wondered what happened to him too.

Edna said...

You know people should not put these celebrities on a petestal because the things they did in the public view is not God like at all. He was always in trouble and trying to pay his way out, so we should have been praying for his soul when he was alive because onse he died there is nothing left but the judgement and facing God. Only he and God knew his heart and sould but the things this man did were bad.
So I wish once someone like this dies people would not make such a big deal of it. He was just another person and has to answer for his deed just like you and I.


Cheryl Wyatt said...

Mary, this is profound.

Insightful and thought-provoking post.