Sunday, June 28, 2009

Newsletter coming soon

I'll be sending out a newsletter the first of July and one subscriber to my newsletter will be chosen to win a copy of
Montana Rose.
If you haven't subscribed yet, find the place to sign up on the right side of my blog.
The newsletter will contain details about Montana Rose
A bit about my Christmas release,
Cowboy Christmas
a recipe from my cookbook,
Faster than Fast Food
and maybe even a surprise or two.
If I come up with a surprise...
even I will be surprised. :)
You've got about a week to sign up if you want your name in on the drawing.


Edna said...

I hope I am that reader, this book looks great,


flchen1 said...

Ooh, me, please ;) Thanks for keeping us posted, Mary! Looking forward to this latest!

Mary Connealy said...

EDna. Not sure if you meant for me too, but I plugged your email address into my newsletter widget on my blog. You should be getting an email askign if you really want to subscribe, or maybe it'll say, "Do You really want to join this group."

If you say yes, it will most likely grab you by the shoulders and give you SUCH a shaking. But ignore the confrontational nature of the internet and go ahead and join.

Carmen7351 said...

Please put my name in the hat! Thanks.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Mary Connealy said...

Carmen did you sign up for the newsletter? Make sure and do that, on the right side of my blog, to get your name in the drawing.

Helena said...

I hope I jumped through all the correct hoops. All the twists and turns did lead back to your name, and I hope your newsletter is called "Just for Laughs"?

Looking forward to the possibility of winning your book. Would love to get to know your work!

Thanks for the opportunity.