Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is the best image of the cover I could find. Copied it off of Amazon. It looks like...trees? Snowy trees? Well, there were definitely snowy trees in my book :)

I'm excited about it. I love having the books releasing in hardcover, large print.

THANK YOU THORNDIKE for deciding to handle my books.

These are intended mainly for libraries. They're expensive.

But just in case you'd like one, a Christmas gift for an elderly person perhaps, and when they said "This is all you got me? One measely book?" You can say, "Hey, this cost a lot of money, Grandma. I spent plenty on you, quit whining!"

(I just love sweet holiday moments like that, don't you?)

buy it

When I get a better image of the cover I'll put it up.

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Janet Dean said...

I love the Thorndike cover, Mary! Congrats!