Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have you ever had a Planet of the Apes moment?

So, I was making pie crust for Thanksgiving.
Kinda hard.
Not my favorite pastime but it IS Thanksgiving.
And I think I'm good at it. Not great, but good. Better'n those lame frozen crusts.
So for Thanksgiving, sure, I'll make the pie.
Pumpkin, right?
No, we need pecan, too.

It's not that big a crowd. Plus we'll be stuffed. We don't need two pies.
Puhleeeeeze, Mom, it's THANKSGIVING.

Sure, fine, whatever, I'll make a pumpkin and a pecan pie.

Uh, and can we have lemon meringue, too?

Three pies? Three? For the eight of us?

Over kill, with real killing considering we'll probably eat ourselves to death.

But it's my FAVORITE!!!!!! It's THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!

FINE! Three pies.

What do three pies have to do with The Planet of the Apes, you ask?

That moment above in the picture is the moment that Charleton Heston sees the Statue of Liberty's head laying on it's side in the sand. Remember? Remember the screaming? Remember how he fell to his knees and screamed with the horror and tragedy and total ruination of his life?

I had that moment, when I lay the third pie crust down on the pie pan and realized it was too small. About four square inches of crust too small. Not HUGELY too small, I'd have seen that coming and rolled the first pie crust out a smidgen thinner.


And that is how The Planet of the Apes, Thanksgiving, Pie and Mary intersect.
Enjoy your holiday!

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