Monday, November 23, 2009

Ode to an Autumn Day

Ode to an Autumn Day

I killed a snake
Of modest size

To dispatch it
Was very wise

It was in my basement
It had to die

Someone had to go
It was not...I

I did not run
I did not yell

I did not consign the snake to ... well

I kicked it soundly out to the door
But it turned and slithered back for more.

With no wish to further contaminate my toe
I turned instead to a handy hoe

The snake is dead and gone in a blaze
I do not fear snakes ... HAPPY DAYS

If the creature had been a mouse
And I had found IT in my house

The screaming would have gone far and wide
And the mouse would be alive...and still inside.

Merica Neely
Pseudonym...I thought a fake name might be for the best


Pepper Basham said...

What type a snake wuz it, Merica.

Btw, when I was a child there was a family we visted to lived back in the hollers of the Blue Ridge. The mom's name was America and everyone called her Murky. ;-)
(true story - it was my husband's first introduction to the deep heart of Appalachia - poor guy. He sat in shocked silence for about an hour, as their seven dogs jumped in the back of my daddy's truck and made quick mess of the food we'd brought. Ah...memories)

Mary Connealy said...

Murky Neely? You know what? That sounds a LOT like Mary Connealy. I like it.