Thursday, February 12, 2009

Four Generation Picture

This was fun.

My mom, holding her first great-grandchild,

Elle, Me, lurking,

and Josie smiling because

she's surrounded by people who will

TAKE A TURN HOLDING THE BABY!!!!!!! And look at this!!! Elle smiling.
Sort of


Ausjenny said...

wow cool photo and thanks for sharing.
oh im sleep deprived because i cant put your new book down!

Sue said...

What a beautiful smile. Little Elle is changing every day.

Also what a lovely bunch of ladies.

Debra E Marvin said...

Mary, is this your first grandchild?
It happened to me in August. Love at first sight is all about grandchildren, don't you think?

Congratulations and how blessed you are to have your four generation photo. We did one too. My mom is looking at the camera, my daughter is looking at me and I can't take my eyes off my granddaughter!

Mary Connealy said...

My husband's mom goes south for the winter so she hasn't seen this great-granddaughter yet...soon though.

But my mother-in-law already had a great-great grandchild, two of them in fact.

So we're really behind...slackers.

Still, ours is cutest. :)